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BRAINIUS big word flashcards suitable for baby 6month till 6 years
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  • English 1 128 pcs size each cards 11.5cmx31cm
  • English 2 128 pcs size each cards 11.5cmx31cm
  • English 3 81 pcs size each cards 18cmx39cm


The period of 0-6 years is the golden period of the life with the strongest absorption. In this semester, children will begin to learn to recognize words and develop their left and right brain potential.

The left brain is developed by language, and the right brain image is strengthened. The flashcards, have the power of both brains.

Seeing and hearing the same sound in the same step, the young child's brain can be upgraded to a high-quality brain with string learning, absorption, memory, analysis and understanding abilities.

The learned to read characters at a young age, fell in love with abstract characters, recognized the characters and began to learn to read.

A child who has loved books since he was a child will go to elementary school more easily, happily, and without stress during his lifelong learning journey.

Can start using this flashcards as young as 6 months old.

categories in English 1 :
1. the people
2. my family members
3. the animals
4. descriptions
5. the actions
6. color
7. things in the classrooms
8. parts of the body
9. things in the house
10. food and drinks
11. the insect
categories in English 2 :
*1. numbers*
*2. days of the week*
*3. months of the year*
4. daily necessities
5. action
6. places
7. adjectives
8. nature
*9. shapes*
*10. food & drinks*
11. clothing & accessories
12. people

each set English 1 & English 2 contain 128pcs
size measuring English 1 & English 2 34cm x13.5cm

set English 3 81 pcs
set 3 combine words become sentence
size measurement English 3 39.5cmx18cm

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